Nick Cordero his wife

Nick Cordero this touching news announced by his wife that they cannot share.
His wife Amanda Kloots posted a video with nice news that she can’t share with her husband.

Nick Cordero his wife

Nick Cordero, who contracted the coronavirus, is still out of the woods.

Nick Cordero’s state of health is still worrying.

The actor, star of the Blue Bloods series, contracted the Covid-19 last March.

The disease was particularly virulent for the father.

If he has since tested negative, he still suffers from symptoms.
He placed in an artificial coma, had his leg amputated, punctured his lungs and a pacemaker implanted to help his heart.

Nick Cordero his wife Amanda Kloots regularly gives news to his fans on his Instagram account.

This Wednesday, June 17, she posted a video that should have brought great joy to Nick Cordero.

We see his son, Elvis, taking his first steps, encouraged by his mother, exploding with joy.

Internet users shared their emotion. “I love this little boy.
So strong and ready to go!”, “I watched this video at least 20 times!”, “This little boy is a genius”, “How cute he is!

y Elvis! “,” He’s so cute! “,” Nick will so overjoyed when he watches this video “,” Yes, he’s just celebrating his first birthday and here it is, “one can read.

“The coronavirus is still there”

The day before, Amanda Kloots gave some news about her husband, while urging her subscribers to take all their precautions in the face of the coronavirus.

Pay attention to everything, wear a mask, wash your hands, do not leave the house unless you absolutely have to. You do not want to contract this virus.

You do not want your loved ones to infected, he said. -she begins.

“The coronavirus is still there and unfortunately it is still spreading.
I never thought that Nick or I could have been affected.

Nick is 41 years old, he was in good shape and had no health problems.
He’s been in intensive care for 75 years now.

My heart breaks for him every day,Nick Cordero “says the star’s wife.

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