Gérard Depardieu accused of rape

Gérard Depardieu accused of rape: the investigation soon to relaunched?
But new investigations have just requested.

Gérard Depardieu accused of rape

Accused of rape by a young actress in 2018, Gérard Depardieu had seen the investigation against him closed in 2019.

Justice has not finished with the investigation into the rape accusation against Gérard Depardieu.

While investigators had dismissed the procedure more than a year ago, the charges are experiencing a new judicial twist.

As AFP learned, the Paris prosecutor’s office asked an investigating judge to re-investigate the rape charges against the actor.

This decision follows the filing of a new complaint with the constitution of civil party by the actress aged twenty years who accuses Gérard Depardieu of having violated it.

Then according to her, the facts took place in the mansion where the star lives in Paris, on August 7 and 13, 2018.

Heard in open hearing during the procedure, Gérard Depardieu had contested these accusations.
In June 2019, the preliminary investigation closed after nine months and dismissed.

But this new procedure requested by the Paris prosecutor’s office should allow the complainant to obtain the opening of a judicial investigation.
And the appointment of an investigating magistrate, responsible for conducting the new investigation.

Gérard Depardieu “absolutely denies any aggression, any rape or any delicious act”

The actor has not yet reacted. His lawyer, Me Hervé Témime, has not, for the moment, responded to requests from journalists.

At the time of the charges, the latter had stated that Gérard Depardieu “absolutely denies any aggression, any rape or any delicious act”. Gérard Depardieu shaken.

This accusation is the opposite of what he is and what he respects (…)
I am convinced that at the end of this investigation, Gérard Depardieu exonerated from all guilt , of all responsibility, “he told several media.

Several stars had then displayed their public support for the actor, such as Sandrine Kiberlain.

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