Death of Steve Bing

Death of Steve Bing: why Liz Hurley refused his exorbitant alimony.
At the time of her divorce from Steve Bing, Elizabeth Hurley had refused to receive support for her son Damian.

Death of Steve Bing

Their love story had lasted six years. In 2001, Elizabeth Hurley fell in love with Steve Bing, an American billionaire.
Together they will have Damian, the only son of the actress who has just celebrated her 18th birthday.

If the two ex had kept good relations, they had separated in 2007 and the actress had at the time refused to collect the support provided for their son.

Alimony in the amount of more than 100,000 euros per year, “financial provisions” for Damian Bing.

Steve Bing had said at the time that he would be happy to pay generous support for his son after DNA tests proved he was the biological father.

According to a press release published at the time, the pair “was not in an exclusive relationship when she became pregnant”.

A spokesperson said the money was to be transferred to a trust, which Elizabeth Hurley objected to, saying she wanted “no financial assistance of any kind.”

In total, the support payments would have amounted to $ 1.8 million.

A “devastating news”

Monday June 22, Death of Steve Bing at the age of 55.
The man died while jumping from the 27th floor of a building in Los Angeles, California:
suicide is the preferred thesis.

Between Steve Bing and his son, the relationship had not always been simple.

In July 2019, the son of Elizabeth Hurley won a symbolic lawsuit against her paternal grandfather:
the millionaire businessman Peter Bing.
Then the latter being ready to disinherit him since he considered that he was not not the legitimate son of Steve Bing.

Elizabeth Hurley reacted to her death by posting the following message on Instagram:
“During this past year, we had become close again.

The last time we spoke was for our son’s 18th birthday.
This is news devastating. “

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