Chris Brown avoid rape case

Chris Brown avoid rape case, Accused of sexual assault with one of his friends.
Then he avoid the case by reaching an amicable settlement with the alleged victim.

Chris Brown avoid rape case

Chris Brown managed to avoid the case by reaching an amicable settlement with the alleged victim.

Affected by a sexual assault complaint, Chris Brown managed to avoid the rape case it by finding an amicable agreement with the complainant, according to information from the American media The Blast.

The latter, who wished to remain anonymous, had filed a complaint in 2018.

She claimed to have raped on multiple occasions during a party organized by the famous rapper, in February 2017.

According to her, her attacker named Lowell Grissom Jr, a friend of Chris Brown.

A few months ago, our colleagues from TMZ had managed to obtain the complaint from the alleged victim and described the scene of the rape.

At first, a friend of Chris Brown allegedly forced the victim and other women to enter a room in which she locked them, previously confiscating their phones.

The women would then have raped by this Lowell Grissom Jr but also by Chris Brown.
This is one of the most horrific sexual assault cases.
Then i have ever seen and our client was severely traumatized by what she forced to undergo:
said the officer, lawyer for the complainant.

Another rape case in Paris for Chris Brown

This is not the only rape case in which Chris Brown is cited. In 2019, a woman accused the artist, as well as two of her friends, of having raped her in the suite of a Parisian hotel.

She went through all states. Disgust and helplessness first.

At the time of the events, she did not have a family environment strong enough to help her.

And especially not the social status of her attackers. She spent several months without seeing anyone.

I explained to her that she had to fight. In the spring, she gradually resurfaced, even if Brown’s two refusals to respond to summons from French justice shocked her.

But for her, only a trial would serve as medicine to deal with all her torments:
the lawyer for the victim told Closer in March.

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